Marketing conference day schedule

Marketing conferences are held many times a year in many different industries. These conferences are organized by a variety of industry organizations and associations. There are several types of marketing conferences, and it is important to choose one that will benefit your business. If you are thinking about attending a marketing conference, or sending your agent to one, you may be wondering which one will offer the most benefits for your company.

New Technology

Marketing conferences allow business people to gain new knowledge. In the modern technology age, new communication platforms are released from time to time. Marketing conferences will help you to learn about newly released technologies as well as upcoming ones, helping you to learn how to utilize the technologies in your marketing campaigns. Any business person who wants to keep up with current trends will gain tremendously by attending a marketing conference.

Networking With Peers

In today’s business environment, it is very important to network with your peers. Whether you are looking for companies or business owners to partner with or just want to be current in the social loop, a good network marketing conference allows you to spend time with marketing associates and colleagues from around the world. These types of conferences allow you to establish relationships with experienced professionals and future gurus.

Find New Vendors or Clients

Most marketing conferences have internal trade shows, where manufacturers and businesses display their products and offers. If you are trying to introduce or promote a product or service, you may consider attending the conference to meet potential clients and customers. If you typically deal with these types of product vendors, then the trade show is a great place to compare various products and prices, and sign up with new vendors.

Miscellaneous Reasons

Some people choose to attend them to gain new business knowledge and learn about innovative marketing approaches. Many choose to attend these conferences in order to listen to motivating speakers and recharge their creative batteries. Others use them to recruit new employees or find new jobs. Marketing conferences typically feature exciting and fun locations, and many attendees attend the events to simply get away and have a good time with peers and professionals.


Choosing the best marketing conferences for your needs is typically a matter of reviewing and evaluating the information available on each conference and identifying the benefits you’ll gain by attending the marketing conference. Marketing conferences are sponsored by a wide variety of organizations and are typically designed to meet the needs of specific industries. Have a look at both the schedule and list of presenters of the event. It is important to carefully review the promotional material for these meetings and solicit the opinions of outsiders. This will enable you to choose the most appropriate conference for you and your company.

Marketing Conference Speakers

Marketing conference speakers provide information to organizations and individuals usually for a fee. Basically, a meeting will take place at a convenient location. The speaker may give advice to the attendees about specific business or personal issues. The speech is presented by a person with experience and skills in a particular field of study. Keep in mind that there are various types of marketing conferences. The most common conferences are for products or services, personal development and organizational change.

Turn on your television and most likely you will find someone trying to sell you a product or a service. This is a form of marketing conference. Marketing conference speakers use various methods to attract an audience. They can use radio, emails, fax, advertisements, seminars, public speaking, the Internet and other forms of communication to sell products and services.

There are organizations that hire marketing conference speakers. The speaker will say how the company can increase sales. If employees feel mistreated, the company may hire a speaker to boost morale. The conference presenter’s goal in this case is to motivate employees. These types of services are used by universities, government agencies, sports teams and various private and public companies. The marketing conference speakers are very similar to out side consultants. They can help small business and large businesses make decisions.

A large number of marketing conference speakers get paid for teaching personal development. The fees for hiring a conference speaker can cost thousands of dollars. A president or a popular politician can collect $10,000 for a two hour speaking engagement. There are actors that use this skill to promote a cause, to help someone or to raise money. Professional athletes are known for using conference marketing to inform individuals how they became successful.

Finally, the typical day at marketing conference is planned in advance. These activities may include breakfast, lunch and dinner. An event may last for a few hours or a few days. Members that attend the event might receive a book, a CD, an autograph, a product or a service. If you attend a marketing conference, you might buy the service or product.

Marketing conferences in San Francisco

How business people remain in the know

Industry associations and organizations of many different kinds hold marketing conferences at fixed times in the year. These conferences offer many benefits to those who attend them. They enable attendees to network with their peers, find companies with which they can partner and build relationships with those who may be more experienced in a given field than they are. People can also charge their creative batteries back up again, listen to speakers who might be able to motivate them, discover new jobs that they can create and find new workers. Many go to marketing conferences simply because they want to get away from their offices at home and have a good time.

In San Francisco

The home of the Golden Gate Bridge is at the same time one of the most charming and the most busy communities in the country. Though founded by Spanish colonists of the 1700s, it owes its present-day prosperity to the gold rush that immediately followed the incorporation of California into the United States. Today, numerous marketing conferences are held in the city. Two such events that are scheduled for the upcoming months are the Magnus Labs Marketing Happy Hour, to be held on April 1st, and the Incite Summit West, to be held from May 13th to 14th, at which CMOs will discuss various types of marketing issues.

Magnus Labs

The topic of this conference is going to be digital marketing – both the current state of that sector of the business world and the future thereof. The event is open to everyone, from entrepreneurs who are just getting themselves established to proprietors of small businesses to owners of Fortune 500 companies. Free wine, beer and snacks are provided.

The Incite Summit West

The purpose of this conference is to help business owners to get to know their customers better. Topics to be discussed include:

  • using an outlook that is centered on the customer
  • new customer insights
  • enhancing the personalization aspect in order to provide a unique customer experience
  • how to tell a brand story that engages the attention of the listener
  • prioritizing new channels so as to achieve market goals
  • sifting through a flood of data to find what is helpful for a better marketing plan

Marketing Conferences Orlando

When it comes to marketing conferences in Orlando, there’s one that’s always sure to generate buzz. The Legal Marketing Association has long made Orlando it’s home. As such, there’s almost a certainty to it being one of the best of the best in Orlando. However, one can apply a lot of the expectations for this conference to smaller ones in the area as well. Because of the LMA’s prominence, it tends to influence the style of other marketing conferences in the area.

However, those new to the event might wonder just what the experience is like. It might actually be better to ask what one wants the conference to be like. Larger conferences tend to be operated in a somewhat similar way to a university. There’s a set schedule, but one is free to pick and choose which events one might want to attend. That said, there are some things which one should always take notice of. First and foremost, food. The LMA conferences feature breakfast in the exhibit hall. Given how charged a marketing crowd can be, it’s always a good idea to get some fuel for the day.

Next, one has a chance to pick and choose from speakers. For the LMA, there’s usually a wide variety of speakers among different marketing cross-sections. There is usually some emphasis on the nature of legality and marketing though. And smaller marketing conferences might have a further specialty. For example, the winter marketing educators conference is being held in Orlando this year. As the name suggests, it focuses almost entirely on issues of education within the profession.

The speakers can be rather varied depending on specialty of a conference. For the previous example of the winter marketing educators conference for example, the typical speaker is typically a university professor with a smattering of people currently practicing in other areas. For a more eclectic mix, such as found in the LMA, one can expect the speakers to represent that state. The speakers can range from lawyers, to technology managers, to communications developers or the heads of major corporations.

However, the biggest rule is that one should mix subjects one has a direct interest in with those which seem like they might be interesting while still sitting outside one’s comfort zone. Part of the nature of these conferences is to dip one’s toes in the water of related fields one could benefit from. It’s primarily an exciting learning experience, and that’s the way to approach it. A typical day should be a lot like the best parts of going back to college for a while.

Vegas Marketing Conferences

In the perceptive world of business, it is often that the professional is required to attend or even host marketing conferences. What could be better than having to attend a conference in the exciting and outrageous city of Vegas? With any luck, they will schedule your conference in Vegas.

There are many types of companies that hold marketing conferences in Vegas such as the Pubcon Conference. This marketing conference that they will hold at the Las Vegas Convention Center will target digital marketing and will feature Jay Baer as a keynote speaker. His company Convince & Convert Baer delivers social media and marketing advice to leading fortune 500 companies.

If your business involves the health and diet industry, the Todays Dietitian Spring Symposium will also be held in Vegas at the Tropicana Las Vegas Hotel & Casino. This conference will feature such topics as food marketing and promotion. Along with a large assortment of professionals, the keynote speaker will be Dr. Brad Nieder, MD. Dr. Nieder uses a humorous look at healthcare to discuss how “laughter really is the best medicine”.

Other conferences that will target marketing will include the Casino Marketing Conference. This senior-level conference will address marketing challenges that face the gaming industry. This conference will hold a one and a half day program to focus on such things as managing reinvestment properly, developing and segmenting qualified sales leads, and understanding the value of a player with the use of math. The keynote speaker will be David Norton, Executive Vice President of Customer Analytics and Insights. Offering his expertise in the gaming industry, he will share his perspective on gaming marketing of all facets.

Spending a day at a conference is not all fun and games though. Many of these conferences start early in the day, and carry on late into the night. Starting with registration early in the morning, most conferences will offer their participants the option of a common hall to meet in, or a venue where they serve breakfast to conference goers. After the stated time for breakfast, the conference they kick off with introductory remarks and a conference overview. Throughout the day there are various speakers covering different topics, with short breaks in between the speakers. There is a break for lunch either at the venue or off site. In the early evening, the conference wraps up with a reception in a common area.

Marketing Conferences São Paulo

There are many different types of marketing conferences some concentrate on a regional focus bringing industries and installations such as ports and airports together. Others can be industry specific such as telecoms or information technology .Investment conferences are very common and a high level audience of decision makers is essential involving key business and government figures such as ministers for investment and infrastructure. Financial and banking conferences concentrate on regional business development opportunities for banks.

Companies can hold their own conferences to promote their company’s products. Conferences should also entertain as well as inform delegates. Marketing involves technical products and consumers as well as setting up supply networks. Attracting the attention of purchasers and distributors and refining communications with conference delegates and online networks.
Sao Paulo is a major city and regional centre for Latin American and international conferences with many international five star hotels offering state of the art conference facilities. Conferences in Sao Paulo in 2014 include industry events focusing on sugar and ethanol as Brazil is a major producer as well as a conference on paper and pulp ; Brazil has a major forestry industry. Other industry events including telecommunications and information technology and internet providers and infrastructure projects. There is a Brazil investment forum covering debt servicing and corporate finance and bond issues. A regional Latin American banking conference covers the complexities of banking in the region and their global implications. On the international front there is a women’s conference. Major industry sectors such as healthcare and a sustainable food summit are also taking place. April and May are especially busy months for conferences in Sao Paulo.

Speakers who are marketing experts take a prominent part in these conferences, many of them are CEO’s and chairman, regional directors as well as experts in investment and production. They reflect the marketing mix which follows products from creation to the marketplace and those who devise marketing strategies for its success and research companies who conduct surveys to assess customer satisfaction with the product.

International conferences held in a fine city where delegates stay in five star hotels and work in state of the art conference facilities are exciting and enjoyable events. There are coffee breaks, lunches and dinners which allow delegates to make significant business contacts in a convivial atmosphere. The conference sessions highlight major industry topics from different angles and after presentations there are usually question and answer sessions which allow the audience to participate in the discussions.

Canadian Marketing Conferences

When a person mentions the term marketing, it can take on many aspects. Of course marketing simply means promoting or selling a product or service. Where the definition gets difficult is when you seek the types of marketing. There are well over one hundred different forms of marketing. Some marketing systems could be:

  • email marketing
  • digital marketing
  • viral marketing
  • culture marketing
  • age marketing
  • literature marketing
  • affiliate marketing
  • and many more

Toronto, Canada is a well known location for marketing conferences. these are some of the upcoming marketing conferences being held in Toronto:

The 2014 Marketing Awards Gala

This prestigious event is not an actual conference, but an all out awards ceremony for the best marketers. It is being held at the Carlu at 444 Yonge Street – 7th Floor in downtown Toronto on May 29th.

Mobile Day

Mobile marketing is huge. Look how often people are looking at their cell phones. This conference will show some mobile marketing tips and tricks. If you have been considering mobile marketing go to the Hilton Toronto Hotel – 145 Richmond St.West on June 9th.

Content Marketing Conference

As they say, “Content is King.” This conference is being held in September in Toronto. There will be speakers explaining content marketing and tips on using content to market your products.

Toronto has many other marketing conferences scheduled and more coming. You can view this events calender to find marketing conferences that will fit your needs.

These conferences are a great way to learn the marketing ways that others are using. Find what works and what doesn’t. You will surely find companies selling software and other materials that can give you an edge with your marketing against the competition. You can learn how to use technology to your advantage no matter the product or service you offer. You can meet others who are in similar businesses and share marketing tips and tricks, and possibly share leads.

Marketing conferences are a great way to learn. They are educative and informative. Keep your eyes on Toronto to find the marketing conference that is right for you.

Marketing conferences: a way for business owners to remain in the know

Throughout the world, marketing sectors of various types hold conferences at certain times in the year. Such events are attended by business owners and staff members from a wide range of geographical locations who may be looking for a chance to learn more about their particular sector of the business world. They can use the knowledge that they have gained as a result to improve the way they operate their businesses so as to please their customers better and maintain the “bottom line.” Some of the attendees may simply be looking for a chance to move away from their routine office settings and have a good time.

In Chicago

The city of Chicago was built in an economically strategic location: It is both near the geographical center of the country and along the Great Lakes, which puts it in an ideal position to trade with other parts of the United States. It is thus a thriving center of business, and it comes as no surprise that marketing conferences should frequently be held here. Some of these conferences to be held in 2014 include:

  • the Social Media Strategy Summit at the end of April. The key speaker is Jonathan Pierce of American Airlines. CEOs, CMOs and chief branding officers are invited to attend, as are business owners themselves. Purposes of the summit include setting up a cohesive social strategy in order to achieve market goals, measuring and monitoring company analytics, adapting one’s organization to new social customer services and generating leads through social media, thus converting customers.
  • BlogWell Chicago at the beginning of June: This one studies the ways in which the big brands use social media. Eight great case studies on the best social media programs that are available at large corporations will be discussed, as will ethics briefing and other topics. The meeting is “strictly limited to social media leaders at big brands.” All registration submissions are subject to review. Vendors and sponsors are excluded, nor is any selling allowed.
  • Conversion Conference in mid-June: Here is a meeting that is devoted to the latest strategies in conversion, including advanced A/B testing techniques, using content marketing to improve conversions, increasing CVR through progressive profiling and maintaining them with cross-device re-targeting. A “lightning round” will also be included.